Gem & I

Great week creating ! we got to play with lots of gems and precious stones.

Here’s the designer’s Horoscope

Gemini: You’re as busy as can be today — and you love it! Your energy is just right for getting what you want and running with it further than ever before. Hit that milestone and keep going!

And the stars must be aligned because we’ve been like elves in a workshop making bracelets and necklaces for the fall and winter season!

check out these bracelets finished today

Rubies Amethysts and Peals Oh my,

As Scene on Screen

We just had some of our bags and outerwear featured in an upcoming film called “Princess Cut”IMG_1178 IMG_1310 IMG_2171_2 IMG_7062 IMG_9576We are happy and excited to share our style with film makers and audiences.

If your interested in finding out more about the film read the November issue of for an interview with Jenn, the actress who was featured with our apparel.

No Femme Brrr

Do not get caught cold this fall! JillJoanne has focused on our line of Classic outerwear to keep you warm and in Style during the fall and winter seasons. Like this faux fur ensemble? Check out webstore, twitter, and facebook page for these items and great ideas for Fall Fashion.

black_faux_fur_ensemble copy