About Jill JoanneTM


 Made In The USA

Jill  Joanne™,  a Native Californian, comes from a family of designers. She was born into a life of couture, which inspires her to bring the highest of standards to her line while being ecologically friendly and affordable. From the seed of design thought,  to the illustration, creation, and manifestation of the garment, Jill is involved in each step of the process as designer. Jill's work is defined by an acute awareness of and attention to the feminine form;  her designs are confident in silhouette,  yet demure in form. Her garments and handbags are complex in design. Jill brings forth a  house of fashion for all ages,  a collection designed in the USA with a European flair. Jill Joanne™ would like to raise the consciousness in the world,  profits from her company go to fund Dr. Lisa Miller,  Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University.  

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Editor, Oxford University Press Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Spirituality in Clinical Practice (APA Journals)

Spirituality & Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York Times

Spirituality & Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, ABC On-Line

Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Marilyn Schlitz, PH.D.

Larry Dossey, MD

"Whoever  you  are  and  wherever   you  are  from...  You  bring  something  beautiful  to  life....  Just  As  You   Are!"